Concerns over new roundabout layout


A local driving instructor is crying foul over the new layout of the Rushmere Roundabout and is saying it could cause an accident.

At issue is the approach from the Highfield direction to the roundabout with the left hand lane designated as left turn only.

However, the first indication a driver will see of the new layout is a left turn arrow painted on the road - uncomfortably close to the give-way line for anyone travelling at dual carriageway speeds.

William Millar is so concerned about the change he has contacted the Roads Service twice.

In an email to them he said: “With the ongoing works at roundabout 5 (Rushmere A3) I have noticed a change to the road markings on approach from roundabout 5 to roundabout 4 (Rushmere).

“The road marking in question is a left turn only arrow which has suddenly appeared and which does not help the safe flow of traffic Lurgan direction A3.

“The signage on the approach shows three exits all before the 12 o’clock position which, according to the Highway Code, recommends a position on the left on approach and through the roundabout.

“The signage and road marking contradict each other thus confusing drivers which will lead to the inevitable accident.

“This is also a driving test route on a dual carriageway with a 70mph speed limit.”

He requested a site meeting to discuss the issue as soon as possible but had received no reply when he spoke to the ‘MAIL’ last week.

A TransportNI spokesperson said: “TransportNI is currently implementing a collision remedial scheme at the location. The aim is to improve safety by reducing conflicts by improving lane designation. This work is ongoing and new direction signs will be erected to complement the lane markings to further help drivers.”