Concerns over racist attacks on locals

Councillor David Jones at Edenderry.
Councillor David Jones at Edenderry.

Concerns have been raised with police about the number of racist attacks on local people by foreign nationals.

Councillor David Jones (UKIP) has said, “People always assume racist attacks involve attacks on migrants but that is far from being the case. In fact, an emerging situation is exactly the other way round. There has been a steadily growing problem of racist attacks on locals by foreign nationals.

“These have taken the form of threats to use a knife, harassment of individual locals by groups of foreign nationals, and the use of verbal abuse against individual locals by groups of foreign nationals blocking the road at the exit to a shopping centre.

“Worryingly, in the light of events in Cologne in Germany where rape became a major problem, there have been unseemly comments being made to local females by groups of foreign nationals. There has been damage to cars by foreign nationals and there have been threats to pizza delivery men, again by foreign nationals. All of this points to an escalating problem.”

“I am concerned at police under-reaction to these events.”