Concerns over water supply

NI Water.
NI Water.

NI Water has agreed to provide an alternative supply of drinking water to those affected by foul tasting and smelling tap water in Portadown.

Concerns were raised about the water yesterday (Monday) by Ulster Unionist MLA Doug Beattie.

Welcoming the latest move he said: “Following on from yesterday’s discovery of issues with the drinking water I again contacted NI Water who informed me that action is continuing to address the problems affecting the water supply

“I was pleased to be told that any customer who wishes to be supplied with bottled water will be facilitated. Please contact NI Water direct, or my office where my staff will be happy to assist,”

Previously NI Water had issued assurances the tap water is safe to drink and had ruled out providing an alternative supply.

Mr Beattie said: “I was contacted by residents of the Manderley Rise area who were concerned at the state of the drinking water coming into their homes, as it was foul smelling and had a strange taste.

“I contacted NI Water and was informed that due to the recent spell of hot weather there is a large algae problem in Lough Neagh and this is causing an issue at the Caster’s Bay Plant”.

NI Water said it is “aware of and apologises for problems that may be affecting a few customers” and work is ongoing to resolve the problem.

They said while there is an unusual taste and smell to water from the tap, it does not pose a risk to health and can be used in the normal way.