Concerns raised over junction in Bleary

David Simpson. INLM4510-917con
David Simpson. INLM4510-917con

Local DUP MP David Simpson and local Councillor Margaret Tinsley have called on Transport NI to carry out a full transport assessment in Bleary following reports of significant traffic through the village.

David Simpson said: “Following a recent meeting with local residents and hearing of their concerns specifically around the Sugar Island Road junction into Bleary we have asked Transport NI to carry out a traffic assessment. Concerns have been raised that the road through the village is being used to by pass busy routes which significantly increases road safety issues in the area.

“Too often we witness major accidents and injury before problems such as this are addressed. I want to thank the local community for their commitment and diligence in looking after their local community and as local representatives we will support every effort to see whatever safety measures are required and put in place without delay.”

A Department of Infrastucture spokesperson said they were aware of the concerns raised by Mr Simpson and traffic assessments have already been carried out. She said: “These assessments take into consideration the standard of the existing road, injury collision history, vehicle movements and any physical constraints at the location.

“The junction is within a 40mph speed limit and benefits from a right turn lane. The traffic assessment concluded that the existing junction is appropriate given the traffic volumes and traffic engineers have agreed to carry out an assessment for a vehicle restraint (crash barrier).