Conquerors tour EU to promote album

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More Than Conquerors are currently conquering Europe on a tour to promote their new album.

Their debut ‘Everything I’ve Learnt’ demonstrates that these four young men have learnt quite a bit since forming in 2009 despite their own admission, “Everything I’ve learnt amounts to nothing”.

Their sound is akin to that of a garage version of Biffy Clyro. They’ve got the polished melodies but cleverly choose to present them with the bristle and vigour that only youth can bring to the table.

This is a highly accomplished album that was made to be played loud and proud, preferably by the band themselves at venues around the world. Make no mistake, More than Conquerors have instant and worldwide appeal.

The band are made up of Kris Platt, Jamie Neish, Danny Ball and Danny Morton are signed to Smalltown America Records, home of Jetplane Landing, Fighting With Wire, And So I Watch You From Afar, Lafaro and Axis Of.

They’ve released two EPs and have received Radio One air play from the likes of Fearne Cotton, Huw Stephens, Greg James and Scott Mills.

Their tour has so far seen the band play Belfast, Derry, Glasgow, Ayr, Aberdeen,Inverness, Edinburgh, Dundee, Liverpool, Leicester, Nottingham, London, Manchester , Guildford and Brighton. Their tour rolls on to Brighton, Bath, Kingston, Southampton,Brugge, Waregem, Izegem, Vienna, Graz, Slovenia and Wiener Neustadt.