Cookie nominated for resident of year award

As the life and soul of a Portadown nursing home, it is no wonder Ronald ‘Cookie’ Cooke has been nominated for a top award.

Wednesday, 3rd April 2019, 2:13 pm
Updated Wednesday, 3rd April 2019, 2:17 pm

‘Cookie’ as he is known to friends and family has been an extremely popular resident at Sandringham Care Home in Portadown for many years.

His quirky, friendly and entertaining spirit has gained him many friends among residents and staff. And many dancing partners with his talent for music.

And now he been nominated for Resident of the Year.

Ronald 'Cookie' Cooke

Born and reared in Portadown (his mum and dad were Ruby and John) Cookie had one sister Yvonne who has since passed away.

He attended Hart Memorial PS in his youth. He said: “When I left school I got job at Eakins jewellers as a watch mender. “I worked for Littles Weaving Company in Belfast - and it was there that I enjoyed the dinner time dances there.

“There was also a Plaza in Portadown where there was a ballroom. It was there that I learned to dance,” said Cookie, who regulary gives some of the residents a turn around the dancefloor.

He spent 26 years working for Portadown Council where he was in charge of the yard for five years before retiring.

“I am very happy here and am very well looked after. My friends come and visit me and I love getting involved and attendeding the daily recreational activities. This summer I plan to help develop a green house so that we can plant our own herbs and vegetables,” said Cookie.

“I am delighted to be nominated for this award at Sandringham Care Home. I feel very honoured that anyone would consider me for such an award.

Manager of the Portadtown nursing home Tracey Palmer said: “I am delighted that Our Ronnie (Cookie) has been nominated for this award. He thoroughly deserves it as he always gets involved in daily home life. He brings so much joy to everyone be it a fellow resident, relative or staff member. Everyone at Sandringham is delighted for Cookie and wish him every success.