Copper piping taken from house

A 37 year old man who removed copper piping from an abandoned house was given a community service order last Friday at Craigavon Court.

Paulo Jorge Santos, Toberhewny Lodge, Lurgan, admitted entering as a trespasser a dwelling at Inn Road, Dollingstown, on October 15 and going equipped for theft.

For each offence he was given 150 hours community service and ordered to pay £100 restitution.

The court heard the defendant was seen outside the house with a rucksack. Copper piping had been thrown outside the back door of the property. The cost came to £100.

It was discovered that there were pipe cutters and other tools in the rucksack.

A barrister said Santos had previous sentences for different offences involving driving.

The barrister explained that the defendant had been having some financial difficulties which led to him carrying out ‘this foolish expedition’ in relation to an abandoned property.

He made a spur of the moment decision to take the copper which he now regretted, added the barrister.