Council scheme to revamp shop fronts


DURING these tough economic times giving the shop front ‘a lick of paint’ may be a necessity that gets overlooked.

Craigavon Borough Council recently allocated funds to a shop front painting scheme to assist businesses.

The scheme is open to retailers throughout the borough and applications must be received before the end of October.

The aim is to help businesses to revamp their properties, making them more inviting and attractive to shoppers.

Retailers can claim assistance towards the cost of the renovation of 50 per cent or up to £2,000 of the total cost.

Councillor Darryn Causby, chair of development committee, commented: “This scheme is a good example of practical help for local businesses in the area.

“Improving the look of the business and in turn the town will help increase the economic potential of the area and work towards attracting investment and stimulating employment opportunities.

“It will also help build community pride.”

For more information on the scheme or to find out how to apply contact Natalie Donaldson on 3831 3621 or email