Council to consult on gating subway

The underpass at the Portadown Rorad, Lurgan
The underpass at the Portadown Rorad, Lurgan

Plans are afoot to have an extensive consultation on proposals to gate the Portadown Road underpass in Lurgan.

The subway has attracted a significant anti-social element with police often dealing with more than 150 youths drinking or on drugs.

At a meeting to discuss the matter, police revealed they had come under attack with bricks and bottles after attending recent complaints at the subway.

Local residents say children as young as 12 are involved and concerns have been raised for the safety of local residents.

Led by St Francis’ PS, gating the black path area around the subway has been proposed with access allowed during school opening times.

The schools has regularly had to ask the local council to clean up the subway as the children are forced to walk through broken glass and drug paraphernalia on their way to school.

It is understood Armagh Banbridge and Craigavon Council will be setting up online and wider consultation around the plans. The aim is to gate the black path area and landscape it to made it an attractive area for locals.