Councillors condemn horror attack on woman

THOSE who carried out the rape of a lady in Craigavon have been labelled “the filth of this earth” by Craigavon’s first citizen.

At Monday night’s monthly meeting of council Mayor Alan Carson said: “Again to be raising the issue of rape in this chamber is sickening.

“These men who carried out the rape are the filth of this earth.

“I don’t know what is happening to this country of ours. I can’t condemn it enough.”

DUP Councillor Robert Smith commented: “The rape of a girl in Craigavon is something that we all regret and I would encourage people to come forward with information.”

Both Sinn Fein’s Tommy O’Connor and Conrad Dixon of the Alliance concurred with the Mayor’s comments.

Mr Dixon said his thoughts were with the victim and her friends and family.