Countdown to ‘smoke free’ Trust

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It’s now only 2 months until The Southern Health and Social Care Trust goes “Smoke Free” and the Trust is reminding everyone that change is on the way very soon.

On the 9th March 2016 (National No Smoking Day), The Trust’s new Smoke Free Policy will replace the current policy and will mean that smoking will not be permitted anywhere on Trust grounds or premises. This includes buildings, entrances, pavements, car parks and includes cars parked on Trust sites.

This is a step further than the previous policy and smoking, including Electronic Cigarettes/ vaping devices, will not be allowed anywhere on Trust sites for patients, service users, staff, members of the public and contracted workers. Smoking shelters will be removed across Trust sites and new signage installed to indicate that sites are Smoke Free.

The Smoke Free sites initiative is part of an international strategy to make healthcare facilities completely tobacco free as there is a growing recognition that allowing smoking on health care sites significantly undermines the health improvement message of these organisations.

Southern Trust Medical Director Dr Richard Wright said:

“As a health service employer we recognise the hazards to health that smoking causes, both for smokers and for those breathing in other people’s smoke. The health of our patients and staff is a top priority for the Trust and we wish to provide the best environment for everyone who works in or uses services in our facilities.”

Lynne Smart, Acting Head of Health Improvement, Southern Trust said: “Becoming a Smoke Free Trust is great news and reinforces the Trust’s position as a

health promoting organisation with a responsibility for the health of its patients, staff and

visitors. Smoke Free sites not only means cleaner and more pleasant environments but also offers real improvements to the health of those smokers who decide to ‘kick the habit’ for good. Help and support from our Stop Smoking Team is available for staff, patients, visitors and the local community.”