Courtney just one step away from Vogue appearance

The photo of Courtney Wilson which made the PhotoVogue website
The photo of Courtney Wilson which made the PhotoVogue website

A PORTADOWN student is just a step away from appearing in world-famous Vogue magazine.

Drumcree College student Courtney Wilson (16) was awarded a contract with top Dublin agency Distinct Model Management in June and since then she’s made it onto the PhotoVogue website.

She explained, “I went down to Dublin for a photoshoot with a very talented photographer named Erica. She’d had one photo featured on the Vogue website before but it wasn’t one of me.

“So on New Year’s Day I got a mail from her saying that her new photo of me had been selected for PhotoVogue and it was already up.”Photographers are encouraged to post their photos up on the PhotoVogue website with the best ones being selected to appear in the magazine itself.

Courtney continued, “I was so very happy it really gave me a burst of new hope for the new year which is just what I needed. “I’m flying out to London to meet with new clients soon so fingers crossed that I get good work out of that. It shows that it really doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from, it’s how hard you work to be the best you can be!” Courtney has a year’s modelling contract with DistinctModelManagement who she was pleased to announce are currently recruiting new models. They’re on the look out for male and female models over the age of 25. Details can be found on the website

Courtney, who is also a keen showjumper, was scouted after her picture was spotted on Facebook. Courtney is one of the smaller models with the agency, but she is blessed with a naturally slim figure and, as she points out, horseriding keeps her fit and in shape.Courtney is the daughter of James and Patricia-Ann Wilson, both of whom are every supportive of their daughter’s new career in modelling.