Craigavon man accused of making 15 hoax bomb calls


A 19-year-old man has appeared at Craigavon Magistrates Court charged with making 15 hoax 99 calls about suspect devices in Craigavon.

Kieran Lavery, aged 19 from Meadowbrook, Tullygally is also accused of placing an article to cause a bomb hoax.

The court heart that of the 15 calls, 13 of them were confirmed as him using voice analysis.

It was also claimed he used five different mobile phones to make the calls.

He is accused of placing articles to cause bomb hoaxes on Tullygally Rd East on July 4, and on May 28 and May 20.

He is also accused of making five hoax bomb calls within the space of seven hours on July 4, four such calls on May 19, two calls on May 28 and May 20 plus a further call on July 24. A call on July 24 suggested there was a bomb or explosive device in Lake St, Lurgan. Several calls on July 4 suggested there were bombs or explosive devices in the Tullygally area.

Lavery was accused of making a hoax call on May 28 inferring there was an explosive device in the Brownlow and Tullygally area. He is also accused of wasting police time by making wasteful 999 calls between 21-24 June.

Lavery faces a charge of making a 999 call claiming a bomb or explosive device was at Brownlow College in Craigavon on May 20. And of making several calls claiming there was a bomb on the Tandragee Rd on May 19. It is also claimed he made a number of calls to Brownlow Leisure Centre saying there was a bomb there on May 19.

Members of his family offered a surety and suggested two possible addresses for him to reside in Lurgan.

He was remanded to Hydebank Young Offenders Centre to appear via videolink at Craigavon Magistrates Court on March 21.