A Rolex and £2k in cash stolen during Portadown burglary

A ring stolen during Gilford Road burglary
A ring stolen during Gilford Road burglary

A substantial amount of cash including £2k of which was in £50 notes plus a Rolex Yachmaster watch were among items stolen from a house in Portadown.

Jewellery including wedding and engagement rings were also taken in the burglary in the Gilford Road area between 6:15pm and 11:10pm on Saturday night.

The PSNI said: “The victim and her family returned to find the back door lock damaged and various items stolen.”

“Whilst this incident has been awful news for the family, some items were recovered by police thanks to the vigilance of a local dog walker as he walked through Breagh Lane this morning. This man spotted cheque books, passports and other items that had been thrown over hedges and into nearby fields.”

The spokesperson added: “If anyone was to be offered the ring for sale please get in touch with the PSNI as soon as possible.

“The homeowner in this case had taken the precautions of locking all doors and windows but they have unfortunately found themselves to be victims regardless.

“Particularly in the months leading up to Christmas, we would encourage everyone to review their home security and consider adding additional security measures such as alarms, security lighting, CCTV - your aim should be to make your home as unattractive as possible to the burglar, you will only do this by maximising the deterrents thus increasing their chances of being caught.”