Anti-social behaviour and drug seizures are down

THERE has been a fall in antisocial behaviour in Craigavon, according to statistics released by the PSNI.

The number of incidents of antisocial behaviour fell by 509. This represents a 15% drop in this type of crime.

There were a total of 2,824 incidents of antisocial behaviour.

The number of drug seizures in Craigavon was down 1.7% with 235 incidents in the past year.

The amount of Mephadrone Powder discovered in Craigavon (69.3gms) was the highest outside Cookstown which had 296.8gms.

Area Commander, Chief Inspector Anthony McNally said: “While there has been a slight increase in the overall number of crimes, we have seen considerable decreases in some areas.

“Through the personal and professional service we are providing to our neighbourhoods we have been able to prevent 509 less people being affected by antisocial behaviour.

“You highlighted this as an area of concern and we have worked with you to find solutions,” said the top local police officer.

“It is clear that there is still work to be done and over the next year we will concentrate on spending more time in your community and building on the relationships already in place.

“We will also continue to develop engagement with the more isolated and vulnerable in our communities and focus on getting the basics right.

“Over the last year you have demonstrated your support for the service we are providing. I want to thank you for that support. Policing needs our communities and I would ask for your continued enthusiasm as we move forward.

“We know it will not always be easy but we have shown that working together is the most effective method of tackling crime.”

District Commander, Chief Superintendent Alasdair Robinson said: ““We have seen incidents of antisocial behaviour drop by more than 1660 incidents. This is down to the joined up work of your local officers, partner agencies and you in the community. This decrease shows just what we can achieve when we work together and we will continue to do this.

“Over the next year we will focus on increasing our engagement with you and reaching the more isolated and vulnerable in our community. We will continue to tackle crime and antisocial behaviour and concentrate on the issues that matter to you.”