Arrest after man drove at speed at police officers manning checkpoint

PSNI arrest man after car was driven at police manning checkpoint
PSNI arrest man after car was driven at police manning checkpoint

A driver ‘put lives in danger’ after a car was driven through a PSNI checkpoint, say police.

One man has been arrested after a driver drove off ‘at speed’ from a police checkpoint in Lurgan.

The incident happened on the Annesborough Road on Friday afternoon.

Police say the driver drove off at speed and at police officers later abandoning his vehicle in nearby Derrymacash.

He ran through residents’ gardens in the Brambles area but was later caught.

A PSNI spokesperson said: “On Friday 9th August 2019 at approximately 1515 hours on the Annesbrough Road, Lurgan, Police were conducting a VCP (Vehicle check point). A driver of a grey coloured BMW decided he was not going to wait to speak with police and made off from the scene, despite police attempts to stop him.

“The driver drove off at speed, driving at police officers to aid his escape and abandoned the vehicle a short distance away within the Derrymacash area, before running away through residents gardens within the Brambles estate in Derrymacash.

“The driver, by carrying out these actions, not only put his own life in danger, but the life of other road users and police officers conducting their duties to disrupt travelling criminals operating within the Lurgan area.

“By these actions, the driver has committed serious motoring offences of failing to stop for police, dangerous driving and other motoring offences.

“Police want to thank the local community of Derrymacash for their assistance in identifying the route this suspect took, and for their co-operation, which resulted in the suspect being identified and arrested.

“The suspect will now have a day in court to explain his actions.”