Arrest during operation into cold callers and rogue traders

Car impounded by PSNI
Car impounded by PSNI

Police have arrested a man during an operation into cold calling and rogue trading in the Craigavon area.

The PSNI’s ABC District Support with Roads Policing were working together on a joint operation dealing with criminals travelling across areas where they may be less well known.

“We were able to disrupt a couple of teams who we believe are involved in cold calling and rogue trading and who tend to target the more vulnerable members of the community,” said the PSNI.

“One man was arrested for failing to go to court when previously caught and others will have various fines to pay for detections made against them.”

On the PSNI Craigavon Facebook, police said: “A lot of police work is reactive, responding to calls for help or assistance and undertaking investigations following the commission of a crime.

“However there is also a proactive side to policing where we aim to take the front foot in the fight against crime and the criminals.

“The various Districts have support teams who are mainly dedicated in their duties to proactive policing.

“As always we can only achieve so much on our own and I appeal to everyone if you see a suspicious person or vehicle calling at your neighbours or even your own house and especially an elderly persons residence, call us straight away.

“Of course in these operations there are always others who aren’t abiding by the rules and get detected as collateral damage and there were a couple of drivers who like motoring on the cheap caught driving with no insurance.

“These people are costing us all in the long run with higher premiums across the board.

“The photo attached is of one car seized which will be impounded until it’s legally covered to be on the road and the driver faces court fines and penalty points as well.

“There is a number in the photo which I encourage anyone with information useful to police in the fight against criminals to use with full confidentiality.”