Arrests after £3k of cocaine found by PSNI

Sample tested positive for cocaine
Sample tested positive for cocaine

Two people have been arrested after a police used a Field Testing Kit on suspected drugs which tested postive for cocaine.

The PSNI said the drugs were found 'hidden on one of the occupants' of a car they searched.

Police officers from the South Area Burglary Team made the arrests while on regular patrols of the Armagh and Portadown areas yesterday evening.

A PSNI spokesperson said: "We arrested two people; one of those persons being arrested following the search of a car near to Richill, in which over three thousand pounds worth of suspected drugs were found, hidden on one of the occupants.

"Upon testing, these drugs were shown to be Cocaine, with a blue indication from the testing kit.

"At our disposal we have what are called Field Testing Kits. These testing kits give us an indication as to what a substance is; the substance is then sent for formal testing."