Attacks on police condemned

Police officer
Police officer
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LOCAL politicians have hit out at those responsible for attacks on police during yesterday’s bomb alert at the Lismore Roundabout.

A suspicious object had been found on the road between Drumbeg and Ardowen. Police closed the roads and ATO were tasked to the scene. The object - a beer keg with wires attached - was described as an elaborate hoax.

A number of homes were evacuated.

Police came under attack from youths in the area and a cordon line was also removed by youths.

A PSNI spoeksperson said: “Police are there to protect the local community and to prevent them from being harmed and would ask for the support of all of those with influence to advise the youths of the damage they are causing and the danger they are putting themselves and others in. Police would also ask parents to speak to their children and keep them away from the cordon points for their own safety.”

Craiagvon Mayor Cllr Carla Lockhart said: “I would utterly condemn the attack on the PSNI last night in Craigavon. Those involved are not representative of the people of the Borough.”