Banned from driving for nine months

A 25 year old man was banned from driving for nine months last Friday at Craigavon Magistrates Court.

Gary Nelson, of Markville, Bleary, was also fined £100 for drunk-in-charge on July 7.

As well he was fined £100, with a nine month ban, for driving without insurance on June 1 and £60 with a three month ban for not wearing his seat belt. He was ordered to pay a £15 offender’s levy.

The court heard that on July 7 police went to Drumgor Heights where a number of youths were drinking. They were sitting on the grass.

A car had its engine running and music was blaring from it.

They spoke to the defendant who was the owner and smelled intoxicating liquor on him. A breath test gave a reading of 82.

On June 1 police checked a car driven by the defendant in Lurgan as it showed there was no insurance. As they approached the car they saw that the defendant was not wearing his seat belt.

He told police he had recently bought the car and that the seat belt was broken.

A solicitor for Nelson said that on July 7 he had been staying in the area and decided to go outside and enjoy the sunshine. He turned the engine on to listen to music and had no intention of driving the vehicle.

He added that on Jne 1 when he was stopped Nelson had just got paid the day before and was going to insure the car on Monday, June 3. He accepted he should not have been driving but he was going to get a defective tyre replaced.