Bike thrown at police

A BMX style bike
A BMX style bike

Police helping the community in Portadown’s Garvaghy Road were attacked by someone who threw a BMX bike at them.

The PSNI said they had several crews in and around the area on Saturday night dealing with a number of serious issues including a couple of missing teenagers.

A spokesperson said on PSNI Craigavon Facebook: “On Saturday night, Portadown crews had several calls in and around the Garvaghy Road. A missing 13 year old, a dispute between neighbours, a missing 15 year old, an ongoing disturbance in the street and an ASB call in relation to youths in the area. All normal stuff.

“What wasn’t normal was the BMX bike that was thrown at our crews as they left the area after one of the calls around 6.30pm.

“Called by the community, came to help the community, then attacked by someone who clearly doesn’t care about that same community.

“Not surprisingly, the one responsible scurried off immediately after, but we have the BMX bike sitting at the station.

“If your child is missing a bike, then please give us a ring. We DO NOT believe he’s the one who threw it- but we’d like to be able to give him his bike back.

“If you know who the big brave man was who threw someone else’s bike, then ran away, give us a call on 101. The incident is RM17058504.

“We know this isn’t reflective of a community who call us and work with us on a daily basis to combat criminality and make the whole area safer for everyone.

“The people who would endanger the community by attacking those who protect it should answer for that. Speak to us.

“Also please share this post to help find the young lad who’s bike this is.”