Bomb hoaxers ‘zero thought’ for Lurgan

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  • Alert the result of elaborate hoax
  • Community should be left in peace - Seeley
  • Their actions serve no purpose - Simpson

Those who created the security alert in the town have ‘zero consideration for the people of Lurgan’ says MLA Dolores Kelly.

Two suspicious objects were examined by ATO on Monday and eventually declared elaborate hoaxes.

Families had been forced from their homes and commuters seriously inconvenienced as Translink was forced to cancel rail services between Lurgan and Moira.

During the alert, a group of youths attacked police with missiles including rocks and bottles. Officers dealing with the rioters discovered a stash of petrol bombs.

The alert had started at around 9.30pm on Sunday night after the devices had been left on or near the railway track at Lake Street.

The PSNI said a small number of youths threw bottles and stones at police officers in Levin Road while they attended the alert.

Craigavon Area Commander Chief Insp Paul Reid said he was “very disappointed” that his officers were attacked.

Chief Insp Reid also thanked the public for their patience during the security alert which lasted over 20 hours and appealed for information.

Mrs Kelly meanwhile has denounced those responsible for the disruption. Suspicious activity on the rail line between Lisburn and Portadown on Sunday night caused disruption to commuters until it was reopened on Monday night.

Mrs Kelly said: “Whoever has caused this disruption has demonstrated zero consideration for the people of Lurgan.

“They have shown their true colours as a public nuisance, showing no regard for the commuters who will be delayed getting to work and causing serious distress to residents who have been forced from their homes.

“The people of Lurgan are long tired of such disturbances. Such actions serve only inconvenience the public and I hope those responsible will realise the futility and stupidity of their actions.”

Sinn Féin councillor Catherine Seeley, the deputy mayor of Craigavon, said those responsible had only succeeded in inconveniencing people in the local community.

“The entire community, particularly the community in north Lurgan, should be left in peace,” said Ms Seeley.

“After weeks of disruption and closed roads due to pipe-laying and other necessary road works, it is unacceptable that a small unrepresentative minority have decided to disrupt the everyday lives of the local community once again for no reason.

“Those responsible are offering nothing to the local community other than pointless disruption and need to stop these futile actions.”

DUP MP David Simpson said, “What we witnessed in Lurgan this weekend is an attempt to drag the town back, hit it economically and cause fear and tension in an area that is a hive of activity with commuters and business owners. It has achieved nothing other than to disrupt the lives of hard working people as they attempt to travel.

“The people that live in this area do not want to see this type of activity. They want to move on and get on about their business.

“I am meeting the PSNI on Wednesday to discuss the possibility of further resources to protect Lurgan from those who use the same failed tactics in an attempt to drive their political cause. Whilst they will ultimately fail and their actions serve no purpose it is important that they are brought to justice for the threat they pose to life and the cost of such disruption.

“They must not be allowed to hold Lurgan to ransom in such a manner.’