Brandished knife in Drumgor


A 26 year old Lurgan man spotted brandishing a knife had been given 200 hours community service.

Darren Anthony Patrick Sheppard of Enniskeen, Drumgor pleaded guilty to possessing the kitchen knife.

The court heard police received reports of a man brandishing a knife at Drumgor Heights on July 24 this year.

When police arrived the defendant was found in an alleyway intoxicated but there was no knife as it had been removed from him by his partner.

His defence solicitor said that he presents with an ‘unhelpful record’.

And his solicitor added Sheppard accepts he had been drinking all night and had fallen out with friends and had armed himself with a knife.

He added that the estate Sheppard had walked through was dangerous and he had been attacked before.

Words were exchanged with people on the fourth floor of a block of flats, the court heard.

His solicitor said that while he comes from a troubled background, he admits it was a ‘stupid act’.

District Judge Mervyn Bates praised Sheppard’s partner who he said ‘deserved something better from the defendant#.

“If you are genuine about changing, this will give you a chance to work through it,” said the judge.