Burglars tied up couple


Police have vowed to clamp down on violent crime following the latest burglary in Lurgan last Friday evening.

Four masked men went into a house in quiet cul-de-sac area of Willow Tree Manor at around 8.20pm

Detectives said the men tied up a woman and man before demanding money and searching the house.

It’s understood the intruders made off with a small sum of cash.

In a statement police said they intend to step up patrols in the Craigavon area in a bid to thwart violent crime.

The Progressive Unionist Party’s Lexi Davidson has voiced disgust at the aggravated burglary.

“This happened in their home, a place where they should, and have the right to feel safe.

When something like this happens, that feeling of safety is taken by those who carry out these sickening acts. It also instils fear in the whole community and will continue to do so, until this gang are caught,” said Mr Davidson.

“I want to express my sympathies to the couple at this time.

“I am confident that the local community will rally round and show the couple the support they need because this will be viewed not only as an attack on this couple but as an attack on the whole community.

“I would urge the PSNI to make every effort to catch the gang involved in this despicable and cowardly attack on this couple.”

DUP Cllr Carla Lockhart said: “This has been a horrific experience for a young couple who were minding their own business and getting on with their own life. To have four people force entry into your property and subject the young couple to a violent attack and theft is a very serious issue and those involved need to face the full rigors of the law.

“This has undoubtedly left the family traumatised, upset and having to obtain medical treatment for the injuries sustained. Willowtree Manor is a quiet area and one that you would least expect such activity.

“My thoughts and prayers are with the young couple as they start to re-build their life after such a horrific experience. I would encourage anyone with any information to come forward to the PSNI to report it,” said Cllr Lockhart.