Call for ‘Wee Danny’s Law’ after pet mauled

Rescue dog Danny was mauled by a lurcher in Portadown at the weekend
Rescue dog Danny was mauled by a lurcher in Portadown at the weekend

A dog owner has called for ‘Wee Danny’s Law’ after their little rescue Terrier/Chihuahua cross was mauled by an off-the-lead lurcher.

The owner spoke of his horror when the large hunting dog raced across the green in Portadown’s Ballyoran Park and attacked his pet.

Five-year-old Danny, who was rescued from a home in Downpatrick, was pulled from his lead and harness by the animal and killed on Saturday morning before 10am.

The owner, a pensioner who has had a heart by-pass operation, said he was standing there unable to do anything to save him.

“He never made a sound,” said the distraught owner, adding that he lifted his little dog up and wrapped him in a coat. “But he was dead on arrival at the vet’s.”

The Portadown man said his partner has been traumatised at losing her little pet Danny.

And her daughter said the whole family are dog lovers and have no problem with responsible dog owners. “We are just against irresponsible dog owners letting their dogs run loose, especially in a built-up area where there are lots of children.

“There is no law at the minute but we would like to see Wee Danny’s Law introduced which would require all dogs be kept on a lead while in public places.”

Sinn Fein Cllr Paul Duffy said: “Danny was a much loved family pet. He was five years old and a rescue dog. His owner was out walking him when the lurcher attacked him and mauled him to death. The family are totally aggrieved.

“Dogs must at all times be on a lead and under their owners control. In this instance this was not the case.

“The lurcher has been reported and I have requested the increased presence of the local dog warden. Dog owners must exercise responsibility in the interests of the safety of all.”