Campers ordered by PSNI’s Brownlow Neighbourhood Team to collect litter after being ‘sent packing from illegal camping site

Illegal campers told to clean up by PSNI
Illegal campers told to clean up by PSNI

The PSNI sent a group of campers packing recently after reports of loud music and partying disturbed the local community.

Described by the PSNI Craigavon as a ‘Red Eye Alert’, the campers were told to leave by the local Brownlow Neighbourhood Team.

A PSNI Craigavon post said: “Unfortunately for these young people it is a breach of council by-law for this type of activity. It was noted during their litter pick duty that several of them where suffering from red eye. Not so sure they enjoyed the early wake up call after such a late night!”

Meanwhile police have also been busy confiscating alcohol from youths in the area.