Cash machines smashed in ‘homophobic’ attack

Cash machine smashed in Lurgan
Cash machine smashed in Lurgan

Bank machines belonging to Santander in Lurgan have been smashed in what has been desribed as a ‘homophobic’ attack.

Sinn Féin Cllr Keith Haughian has condemned the attack on a Lurgan bank which he said was ‘driven by homophobic hatred’.

Cllr Haughian said: “ATMs outside the Santander bank in Lurgan were smashed because messages of support for Pride were displayed on the screens.

“The bigots then scrawled anti-gay messaging on the machines.

“This is an attack driven by hatred and the culprits should face the full rigour of the law.”

Santander had sponsored the GNI Magazine awards. It is an NI based magazine for the local homocultural scene.