Cat shot dead in Kilwilkie


A cat has been shot dead in the Kilwilkie area, provoking outrage among the Lurgan community.

According to police a cat was discovered dead shortly after 9.35am on Sunday morning (August 24).

The PSNI confirmed to the ‘MAIL’ that the cat had been shot in Drumnamoe, Lurgan Tarry.

“It was reported that a cat was found with a small wound to its back. It is believed the wound may be as a result of a small pellet,” said a PSNI spokesperson.

This summer there has been a plague of thefts of kittens and cats throughout Lurgan.

Just weeks ago the ‘MAIL’ revealed how young thugs were capturing cats and using them as bait for hunting dogs in north Lurgan. Teenagers and young men were spotted caging feral cats and house cats and kittens alike to use as bait. One resident of Kilwilkie contacted us to voice her anger saying she was ‘disgusted and outraged’ at the cruelty to the tiny animals.

She said that despite contacting the Animal Welfare Officer nothing has been done to bring the cruelty to an end.

“Young adults are taking these poor animals and trapping them, especially at the alley way at the houses of Kilwilkie Road,” she said adding that at least nine cats have gone missing in recent weeks.

She said that these lads are transporting the cats to fields near Belvedere, letting them loose and setting their dogs on them.

Social media has been awash with pleas to return lost pets in recent months.

The PSNI said enquiries are continuing: “Police would appeal to anyone with any information in relation to the incident or any one who saw any suspicious activity in the area to contact police in Lurgan Police Station on the non emergency number 101.”