Caught twice urinating in public place

A WEEK after he had been caught by police urinating in public a Lurgan man was seen doing the same thing again.

Twenty-three-year-old Thomas Michael McCabe, of Richmount Gardens, Lurgan, admitted indecent behaviour on April 15.

The court heard that at 1.15am he was seen urinating up against a wall in the car park in William Street.

His solicitor said that he had been drinking in a bar in William Street and had gone to the toilet before he left.

She explained that he had been talking to friends and had to go to the toilet again but couldn’t get back into the bar. He went behind a wall but unfortunately for him a police patrol did a tour of the car park.

Fining the defendant £100 the District Judge, Mr Alan White, said McCabe had done the same thing the week before.