Claimed he was ‘fixing himself’ after urinating

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A 44-year-old man who admitted an indecent behaviour offence in Portadown will be sentenced next month at Craigavon Magistrates Court.

Ronan McFarland, Ballynahaye Road, Ballygawley, appeared at last Wednesday’s sitting of the local court.

The court heard that on June 16 this year at 10pm in Cecil Street, Portadown, the injured party reported that the accused had exposed his penis.

McFarland said he had been out drinking that day and been caught short.

He claimed he had urinated against an electricity box and was fixing himself.

He accepted the injured party could have been distressed.

District Judge, Mrs Bernie Kelly, said didn’t see how what happened was not exposure.

She added that the fact McFarland was drunk did not give him a defence and after a report from a member of the public when police see him his genitals are exposed.

“And bear in mind he has a history of it,” said Judge Kelly.

Mr John McAtamney, representing the defendant, said McFarland had been in Portadown that day to do some shopping but didn’t pick up anything he wanted and then had gone to the pub.

He explained his client had been staying in Armagh with his sister and wanted to get back to Armagh by bus which he would normally get outside the library but there was a band parade on that day and he had been advised to go to Jervis Street.

Judge Kelly said there were a number of things she found particularly unsavoury.

She adjourned the case until August 15 to obtain a pre-sentence report.