Concern over online threats after vandals wreck play area

Police have lambasted vandals who damaged a Co Armagh play area but raised concerns about some alleged threats to the culprits.

The PSNI has called on the public to screen shot threats and send them to the police - after a play park in Donaghcloney was badly damaged at the weekend.

A PSNI officer surveys the damage to Donaghcloney Play area

A PSNI officer surveys the damage to Donaghcloney Play area

“It’s not even finished yet and already is being treated like a dump by some of your kids,” said PSNI Craigavon on Facebook on Friday.

“Fireworks, litter, some damage to the newly constructed fixtures. It’s not on.

“We have patrols in the village every day, and will be paying particular attention to this spot.

“We’d rather be looking for burglars, or drink drivers though, not being a uniformed baby sitting service.

“If your kids hang out in Donaghcloney, have a chat with them about the implications of a criminal damage or disorderly behaviour conviction on their record at such a young age.

“If you don’t know where they are at night, it’s time you did.”

One person posted on Facebook on the PSNI Craigavon site: “It’s also a fact that some of the perpetrators come in from outside the village. Not all, but some. Still gives all Donaghcloney teens a bad name though.

“I also read comments on numerous posts regarding this issue which suggest violent behaviour towards teenagers will solve the problem! Definitely not! We are long past that age.”

The PSNI Craigavon responded: “If there’s stuff being said on pages or elsewhere we should be aware of, screen shot and PM or send us links.”