Concerns over damage at Hub

Brownlow Hub Craigavon Photo courtesy of Google
Brownlow Hub Craigavon Photo courtesy of Google

Police have issued an appeal for the public’s help in tackling anti-social behaviour which has caused thousands of pounds worth of damage to a ‘valuable community resource’.

They said there had been a lot of reports about anti-social behaviour and damage caused by a large group of youths at The Hub in Craigavon.

A police spokesman said: “The Hub, Craigavon is a valuable community resource with local groups and clubs meeting regularly to help each other.

“Unfortunately there has been a lot of reports recently of Anti Social Behaviour involving a large group of young boys and girls.

“There has also been thousands of pounds worth of damage caused to windows, doors and bins in and around The Hub committed by these same young persons.

“Staff at the Hub are concerned for their safety and the safety of their cars whilst parked at this location such is the behaviour of the young persons.

“Nobody should have to go to work under these circumstances, concerned as to whether they are going to be hurt or their property damaged.

“Members of your Brownlow Neighbourhood Policing Team have been out and spoken to quite a few of these young people in an attempt to knock this behaviour on the head.

“We know these young people are from the areas close to The Hub including Clonmeen, Drumbeg, Meadowbrook, Ardowen and surrounding areas. Some of these young persons are from slightly further afield coming from the Lurgan area.

“We will be speaking to some of these young persons again in the very near future but we need your help too in trying to prevent this type of behaviour. If you see damage being caused or youths engaging in Anti Social Behaviour please do not hesitate to contact police on 101 or if it needs an emergency response 999.”