Dog concern

A LURGAN man has raised concerns about a large dog roaming the Birchdale area.

Geoffrey Orr said his family have had several run-ins with the dog and his daughter won’t leave the house because she’s afraid of the dog being outside.

Geoffrey moved into Birchdale with his partner and three young children last September.

Since then he’s had several encounters with the large dog and he is calling for it to be properly locked up.

He told the ‘MAIL’: “The first time we encountered the dog was when it ran after our car and chased us all the way up to our house.

“Neighbours have told me the dog has been coming down into the estate for the last couple of years.”

Geoffrey told of another incident involving the dog: “Last week my partner was picking the kids up from school and took the shortcut home,” he said.

“The dog came out again and got itself between my partner and the kids.

“My five-year-old daughter was absolutely terrified. That night she went to bed at five and didn’t get up until the next morning. She won’t go out to play now in case the dog is there.”

He continued: “I went up to see the man and had words with him. His reply was, ‘The big fella won’t touch you’. I said to him, ‘You try telling that to a five-year-old when a 14-stone dog is staring them down’.”

Geoffrey said the dog has a collar with a name tag.

He said as well as reporting the incidents to police he has also spoken to the dog warden: “I’m told he (the owner) pays the fines on the spot so money isn’t an issue. He’s been told to put the dog in a secure pen and been given 30 days to comply.

“My worry is that someone will be seriously hurt or killed before this happens.

“I don’t blame the dog, but it’s absolutely diabolical the way the owner is behaving.

“The dog should not be allowed to run loose and fines are obviously not enough of a deterrent.”

Craigavon Council said: “The dog owner has been issued with fixed penalty notices and dog control conditions from Craigavon Borough Council in relation to straying offences.”