Drink driver left crashed car on its side and on fire


To try and clear his head a 28-year-old man took a car after he had been drinking and crashed leaving the vehicle on its side and on fire.

Ryan James McAlinden, Parknasilla Way, Aghagallon, was fined £250 last Friday at Craigavon Magistrates Court for driving with excess alcohol in his breath.

He was also banned for 12 months and ordered to pay a £15 offender’s levy.

For aggravated taking of a vehicle without the owner’s consent he was fined £250 and a £200 fine was imposed for not having insurance.

The court heard that police received a report of a car on fire lying on its side on the Lurgan Road, Aghagallon.

They went to the address of the last registered owner of the car and the defendant was also present at her home.

There was a smell of alcohol from his breath and an evidential test gave a reading of 75.

McAlinden admitted take the vehicle without permission and left the scene because the car was on fire and he did not have his mobile with him.

He claimed that he only had a pint of beer with his meal and had taken vodka after the crash to calm his nerves.

His solicitor said that when police came to the door McAlinden answered and immediately admitted his involvement.

He explained that his client had been under a lot of stress at the time and had taken the car out to clear his head because he felt under so much pressure.