Drugs worth £20,000 seized

A quantity of drugs seized in Portadown on Tuesday, November 22.
A quantity of drugs seized in Portadown on Tuesday, November 22.

Police have seized a quantity of suspected herbal cannabis with a street value of up to £20,000.

The seizure was made on Tuesday night in the Garvaghy area of Portadown.

In a social media post police thanked the public for their help in making the seizure.

They said, “The seizure today is great news for everyone. It’s a significant dent to criminals who bypass legality and things like jobs, taxes and contributing to society by engaging in criminality like this.

“It was only made possible because someone spoke up. Someone who didn’t like criminals pocketing illegaly while the rest of us work for a living.

“Someone who doesn’t like the toxic effect dealers, with their threats and intimidation, have on the community. Someone who takes pride in where they live. Someone who cares.

“Keep talking to us, and who knows, we could be coming through a door near you soon!”

Police said they had also recovered a ‘massive amount of cash’ - somewhere between £5,000 and £10,000.

They also seized a quantity of white powder whih has been sent for testing.

And they had a message for the supplier, “DST would like to sincerely apologise. Somewhere in the Garvaghy area tonight, a dealer is going to be having a really awkward conversation with his supplier, and it’s our fault. That conversation is going to be about where a massive amount of cash; somewhere between £5k-£10k, and herbal cannabis with a potential street value of between £15k-£20k has all gone to.

“Well good news Mr supplier, we have it kept nice and safe! If you’d like it back, please call into any police station of your choosing and we’ll reunite you - Reunite you with our custody Sergeants.

“If you are that unlucky dealer, and you’d rather avoid that awkward conversation, we can offer you a taped conversation and a bed for the night. Your choice.”