Drunk who swore on bus is fined and jailed


A man who swore and was disorderly on a bus near Lurgan was jailed at Craigavon Magistrates Court for being drunk and disorderly.

David Edward Dalzell of no fixed abode appeared at the court via video link facing two charges, one of being simple drunk and the other of disorderly behaviour.

The court heard that 47-year-old Dalzell was removed from the bus at Church Place in LUrgan on September 3 this year and he had been using expletives .

His solicitor said Dalzell cannot remember the incident. “By his own account he is a chronic alcoholic,” the lawyer told the court.

The solicitor said Dalzell had his own business as a joiner but had problems with his partner .

He had been living in a hostel in the Newry area.

His lawyer claimed Dalzell had been the subject of sectarian abuse and he had sought comfort in drinking.

“He has no recollection of his arrest. His behaviour was unsavoury but he was simply a drunk on a bus,” said the solicitor.

District Judge Mervyn Bates said: “Well the driver was obviously concerned enough to ring the police.”

He told Dalzell, who is in custody on other matters, that he would deal with the matter via fines as there was no assault.

“It was quite unsavoury,” said the District Judge.

He fined Dalzell £200 for disorderly behaviour and seven days in custody. For being simple drunk he was fined £50. He said the seven days custody was to begin last Friday when Dalzell case was taken.

“You are in custody on other matters,” said the judge.