Elderly terrorised by quad bikes nuisance

The green at Kilwilkie which young people are using as a quad bike arena
The green at Kilwilkie which young people are using as a quad bike arena

A group of 50 quad bikers are terrorising vulnerable and elderly people in Kilwilkie, it has been claimed this week.

Residents say they are terrified of confronting the riders who are left off in vans - with the quad bikes being unloaded and the kids, some younger than ten, given packed lunches.

A local said they were too scared to confront the youths. “You wouldn’t want your windows put in and God knows what they would do to you,” she said.

One woman said the noise of the bikes was dreadful and really upsetting many locals.

However, she said she understood that there was nowhere else for them to use their bikes.

Police said they will be stepping up patrols after a number of complaints and vowed to take action to curb the nuisance and dangers linked to off road scramblers and quads in public 

The PSNI said they had received complaints from the Drumnamoe and Kilwilkie areas.

“The use of such motorised vehicles as a leisure activity can be dangerous and against the law in certain circumstances.

“Police would like to emphasise the dangers of such vehicles. They are not toys,” said a PSNI spokesperson.

Inspector Ken Annett, Lurgan Neighbourhood Policing Team, explained: “We are continuing to target those who use scramblers and quads recklessly.

“Not only does misuse of these vehicles create noise pollution and inconvenience but they are also putting the community in serious 

“We will be patrolling the green area and anyone found to be riding a scrambler or quad illegally will be reported to the PPS for prosecution and their vehicle will be seized and destroyed.

“Quads, and some scramblers, do not comply with Construction and Use regulations and Vehicle Safety Standards and therefore are restricted to ‘off-road’ use only. This does not mean they can be driven anywhere ‘off-road’.

“I would urge young people to consider the people living in their community or the areas where these vehicles are being used.

“I am also asking parents to play their part by watching what their children are doing on these vehicles.

“No parent wants their child brought home for any wrong doing but if necessary we can refer an individual to the Police Youth Diversion Officer for prosecution purposes,” he said.

Anyone who witnesses this activity can contact police in Lurgan on 101.