Family dog, bought for widower after his wife died, is feared to have been stolen

Seirra who has gone missing from her home at Ballynamoney Lane Lurgan
Seirra who has gone missing from her home at Ballynamoney Lane Lurgan

A beautiful German Shepherd, bought for a Lurgan father after his wife passed away, has disappeared and the family believe stolen.

Seirra, who is just eight months old, was last seen on the Ballynamoney Lane in Lurgan on January 7.

A family friend, Vanessa Taylor, said Seirra was spotted allegedly being taken by a woman at around 5pm.

She said: “This woman was seen walking past the yard gate and then came back to the dog and gave her something to eat then lured her through the gate

“There have been quite a few dogs which have gone missing lately.

“We have the incident recorded on CCTV and the Dog Warden and the PSNI have been contacted,” said Vanessa.

Vanessa explained that Seirra was bought for local businessman John Mitchell after his wife Christina. Their daughter Nicola bought it for her dad and Seirra had become a close companion and part of the family.

“They are just devastated. It’s more than heartbreaking as John loved that dog,” she said.

The family are offering a reward for her safe return.

PSNI Craigavon said: “Seirra was bought as a companion for a father after the death of his wife. At only eight months old, she’s still growing into those ears but is well and truly part of the family.

“Seirra was seen on CCTV leaving a property on Ballynamoney Lane (near roundabout 1) with an unknown female on Monday (7th) afternoon around 5pm.

“At this stage we cannot rule out that Seirra has been enticed away intentionally, however, we believe she may just have wandered off being curious. Regardless of the circumstances, we want to get her home!

“Look at her distinctive face. Keep an eye out and if you see her or know where she is, please call us immediately.

“If you have Seirra or are ‘looking after her’, keep in mind the role she plays in that family. She needs to come home, now.”

If anyone has information contact 07765 434 404.