Find out why a ‘hit and run’ in Lurgan ‘wasn’t really a hit and run’

Lurgan Town Centre.
Lurgan Town Centre.

Police have appealed for information about a ‘hit and run’ in Lurgan ‘which wasn’t really a hit and run’.

Police said there was a road traffic collision (RTC) between a vehicle and a man between 10am and 10.30am yesterday morning in the town centre.

According to the PSNI Craigavon: “We’ve got a hit and run RTC...which wasn’t really a hit and run...but kind of is...”

And they urged the driver not to worry as they wouldn’t go to prison.

“Yesterday morning, in Market Street between 10am and 1030am a male was crossing at the traffic lights between Danske Bank and Heatons. He was knocked down by car whilst doing so.

“The vehicle stopped, the driver confirmed the man was ok, and then drove on. In those situations, where someone is hurt - even slightly- you need to stay put until we arrive.

“If you are that driver, or you know who that driver was, please contact us on 101. The reference number is 698 of 28/11/17.

“We also specifically want to speak to the kind member of the public who stopped with the injured man. You may be able to help us with any details of the driver or vehicle.

“If you’re the driver and you’re reading this, don’t worry- you’re not going to prison. We just need to talk to you, record details, make sure all documents are in order, and ask you a couple of questions. We are very aware that the sun was very low and dazzling at the time. Coming forward now is way better than the CCTV trawl version, as that leads to irate investigating officers coming to your door having been staring at screens for hours on end!

“Give us a ring, or call into Lurgan enquiry office between 11am and 7pm Monday to Friday.

“If you have a mate who talked in passing about this incident and you think it’s them, have a word with them, get them to come forward, or give us a ring and we can go round for a chat. Please also share with anyone who would have been in the area at that time.”