Fires, druggies and vandals blight hospital

Lurgan Hospital.
Lurgan Hospital.
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Concerned residents of the Lurgan hospital estate met with the PSNI following a spate of burglaries, vandalism and anti-social behaviour.

Residents have been plagued with youths taking drugs and alcohol as well as serious cases of fires being lit within the hospital grounds and buildings.

Lurgan Neighbourhood Policing Team Officers met with Security Staff and concerned residents in Lurgan Hospital last Wednesday, May 7, to discuss recent incidents .

“Over the past few weeks and months fires have been lit, windows have been broken, stones thrown at security officers and a number of burglaries of buildings have occurred,” said the PSNI.

Neighbourhood Officers said they had been dealing with young people who frequent this area abusing alcohol and drugs and are advising parents to try and keep their children away from the hospital: “This hospital provides a number of services to the local community and further afield and any disruption to patients and staff can have a huge impact on the care provided.

“We appeal to the general public to stop using the hospital grounds as a short cut, educate their children not to frequent the area in an effort to reduce the incidences of anti social behaviour in the area.”

Police have already increased patrols in the area and this will continue and with the help of residents in the area reporting in any suspicious activity. “Together we can make the hospital a better place for the staff and patients,” he said.

A Trust spokesman said: “Trust security staff recently attended a meeting with Lurgan Neighbourhood Policing Team Officers and local residents to discuss recent incidents of vandalism and anti-social behaviour on the Lurgan hospital site.

“Unfortunately, there have been a number of incidents on the Lurgan hospital site recently. The safety of patients, staff and visitors at the hospital has been maintained at all times. We will continue to work together with others to keep the Lurgan hospital site as safe as possible for patients, staff and visitors.”