Firm selling electric saving device probed

An Armagh firm which has sold devices claiming to save electricity to firms in the Lurgan and Craigavon area is being investigated by the PSNI.

The company, Electricity Saver Ireland, which is based in Armagh city but has offices in Dundalk, Co Louth and works via the internet, sells devices which claim to save you money.

A PSNI spokesperson said: “Detectives in E District have renewed their appeal for information in relation to an investigation into a company who sell electricity saving devices.

“Police were made aware of concerns about the device from a consumer who found that the equipment did not provide the promised reductions.

“Independent tests on the device, which is claimed to reduce electricity bills by 25 percent, found that the device does not function at this level. The tests also found that the make up of the device gave concern from a safety perspective,” said the PSNI.

Police have conducted a number of searches in relation to this investigation and have seized a large number of the electricity saving devices. Enquiries are ongoing,” said the PSNI.

According to the Electricity Saver Ireland website: “Electricity Saver Ireland is the country’s leading provider and installer of electricity saving equipment, and has consistently been delivering savings to businesses large and small across Ireland for years, with their tried and proven custom made electricity efficient equipment.

The list of customers include a number of businesses in the Lurgan and Portadown areas.

Electricity Saver Ireland manager in Armagh, Mr Gary McKeown told the Mail: “We are dealing with the police about this matter.”

When asked how many customers had complained about the device, Mr McKeown said “no comment” and said he would not be making any further comments.

A PSNI spokesperson said: “If you have purchased an electricity saving device and have concerns about its functionality, please contact Trading Standards on 0300 123 6262.”

Richard Knight of Trading Standards said there is an ongoing investigation. “We are aware of these type of devices being sold.”

Mr Knight said there are concerns about some of the devices being sold throughout the UK. “Following investigations, there is a potential danger and may represent a fire hazzard. Similar plug-in devices have undergone lab tests which resulted in virtually no electricity saving and worse may be a potential danger.”