Followed men who stole his bicycles

WHEN he saw two men stealing his bicycles in the early hours of the morning the victim took a taxi and followed them, Craigavon Magistrates Court heard last Friday.

And when he had discovered where they lived he called the police who found the men with the stolen goods.

They were 33 year old Darius Aleksandras and 32 year old Mantas Kaminskas, both of Derry Street, Lurgan.

Both admitted entering as a trespasser a dwelling in Forest Glade, Lurgan, and stealing two bicycles and a quantity of alcohol.

At approximately 1am the victim saw items being removed from his property and saw two people on bicycles which he recognised as his own.

He followed them and when he located where they lived he called the police. When they arrived the house was in darkness but they shone a torch through the window and saw two males.

A search of the house uncovered the bicycles and the bottles of wine which had been stolen.

When interviewed one defendant denied the burglary offence and said he had found the bike and alcohol on the street while the other defendant denied any involvement.

The case had been adjourned from a previous court so that pre-sentence reports could be obtained.

A barrister representing Alexsandras said a considerable amount of alcohol was involved this evening when they took this foolish decision.

He described what happened as a ‘brutal intrusion’ on the victim’s home who, when he heard his security system go off, had to take a taxi to follow them.

He said the two accused were found in a sleepy or intoxicated state.

The barrister said there was no forethought or planning. It was a drunken escapade which was unlikely to happen again.

He added that a condition of the defendant’s bail was that he should not consume any alcohol and he had not taken any for three months.

District Judge, Mr Alan White, said domestic burglary was a serious matter and the starting point was custody.

But, he added, neither defendant had previous convictions and both had pleaded guilty and for those reasons he would suspended the sentences.

He sentenced both defendants to six months in prison, suspended for two years, and fined both of them £200.

Mr White also ordered them to pay £100 each in compensation to the injured party for the distress caused to him that night.