Footbridge fix not satisfactory

Footbridge over railway at Brownlow Terrace  'fixed'
Footbridge over railway at Brownlow Terrace 'fixed'

A vandalised footbridge over Lurgan railway line has not been fixed ‘satisfactorily’, claims a local resident.

The woman, who complained weeks ago about wire grills which had been ripped off, was unhappy that Transport NI simply tied the metal grills back to the steel 

The mum, who does not want to be named said: “This has been ‘fixed’ by Transport NI, however, I feel this has not been done satisfactorily.

“It has simply been tied with metal wires.

“This has been done before and hasn’t lasted. It is only a temporary solution.”

Photographs just a couple of weeks ago show the metal grill ripped off and exposing a dangerous drop over Brownlow Terrace.

This bridge is used on a daily basis by young children and not far from Lurgan Model Primary School at Brownlow Terrace.

However, it has also been used as a platform for anti-social behaviour.

The woman who contacted the MAIL with photographs of the ‘fixed’ metal grill, added: “Another issue in relation to the bridge is the slippery surface.

“When it rains the water just lies on top of the bridge and it makes it extremely slippery.

“This bridge is used on a daily basis by young children going to school etc.

“This is dangerous. Something needs to be done about it, particularly with the winter months coming in,” the woman added.

Officials from Transport NI came out within a week to reattach the metal grills.

A TransportNI spokesperson said: “Following acts of deliberate vandalism the Department has repaired the safety fencing on the footbridge at Brownlow 

“Unfortunately the results of criminal acts such as this are left to the Department to resolve and for the public purse to fund.

“The repairs are appropriate for normal use. A permanent repair may be considered should funding become available.

“The department is also considering the provision of a suitable anti-slip surfacing material for the steps on the bridge.

“The department would encourage anyone with information about this incident or other acts of vandalism to contact the PSNI,” the 
spokesperson told the