Footbridge ‘is dangerous’ after vandalism

Footbridge over the Railway at Brownlow Terrace
Footbridge over the Railway at Brownlow Terrace

A footbridge over the railway line, which has become a drinking den, has had metal safety grills ripped open leaving it dangerously exposed.

The footbridge which connects pedestrians to and from Brownlow Terrace and Victoria Square is a well used crossing over the busy railway line.

Not far from the main railway crossing at William St, the footbridge gives pedestrians access, however, some have expressed concern about the dangerous condition it is in.

One reader, who emailed the ‘MAIL’ photos of the vandalised footbridge, said: “The footbridge has been damaged at the top for some time now and as you can see.”

She added: “This has been ‘fixed’ on numerous occasions but all they are doing is using thin metal wires to secure it, which is no good and is easily damaged again.

“This is also a drinking place for young ones which is evident by the broken glass on the bridge and on the footpath leading up to the bridge from the Victoria place area.

“This bridge is used on a daily basis by young children.

“Something needs to be done about this before someone is seriously injured,” said the reader.

A TransportNI spokesperson said: “TransportNI has instructed its contractor to visit the Victoria Place/Brownlow Terrace footbridge to inspect and repair the damage caused by vandals.

“It is expected that the work will be carried out this week.”

Police in Lurgan work consistently with communities across the local area to address and find solutions to antisocial behaviour.

Inspector Ken Annett, said: “The most important message I would like to send today is – if you see it, report it! It is very difficult for us to get a true grasp of the extent of antisocial behaviour if it is not reported to us. If you see asb in your community please phone us. We do not have to call with you but we can respond to these reports and also build a full picture of what is happening in a particular area. This will also enable us to dedicate resources in the most effective way possible.”