‘Gang of kids’ responsible for arson attack

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A ‘gang of kids’ are thought to have been responsible for an arson attack on a house under construction in Lurgan.

Police have appealed for information on the incident which happened in the Tandragee Road area on Friday.

They also appealed to parents to ensure they know where their children are.

A spokesperson said: “Do you know where your kids were and what they are doing on Friday night?

“This photo shows what some kids were up to...

“A brand new house, still under construction, set alight by a gang of kids.

“We say this time and time again. Make sure you know where they are.

“Talk to them so they don’t get into situations that can land them in trouble or cause damage like this.

“We know not every young person going out is there causing trouble but every parent has a responsibility to know what their kids are doing.

“Arson is a serious criminal offence and one which has the potential to do permanent damage or even kill.

“What would have happened if someone was to have been trapped inside?”