Girl, whose photo is wrongly attached to sex video, is ‘distraught’ say PSNI

Police are appealing for witnesses.
Police are appealing for witnesses.
  • Sex video has gone viral on social media
  • Distraught woman looks nothing like girl on video
  • ’Creeps’ sending victim friend requests

Police have said a woman, wrongly identified in a sex video which has gone viral, is devastated.

The video of sex in a local night club, which has gone viral on Whatsapp and Facebook, links it to the profile picture of an innocent girl.

Police said the girl attended the station in Lurgan and after the PSNI viewed the footage and met the girl, they are clear the girl in the video is a different girl.

Writing on PSNI Craigavon Facebook police said: “There are a couple of videos and screenshots doing the rounds of Whatsapp and Facebook in the last 24 hours showing a couple having sex in a local club.

“The girl who’s profile picture was screen shot and sent along with the videos walked into Lurgan station today (Tuesday).

“I spoke to her myself. Having seen the videos- THIS IS A DIFFERENT GIRL,” said the officer.

“To say that she is devastated and distressed is an understatement, and no one can blame her for feeling like she is. Whoever has started this has potentially ruined a girls life, and should be ashamed of themselves. If you have seen these videos or sent them on, you can take a step of letting whoever you sent it to know that the girl in the video and the girl who’s profile is attached are not the same person.

“The girl I spoke to has prominent tattoos. She has blonde tipped hair. The girl in the video has neither.

“If you’ve got the videos and screen shots, delete them. If you’ve sent them on, make it right by setting the record straight. If you’re one of the creeps who has sent her a friend request or tried to add her to groups, stop it now.

“If you send videos like this it can only be for the embarrassment of those involved, and that becomes a communications offence. Ruining peoples lives when they have NOTHING to do with an incident (this girl was at work on the night in question by the way!) is not a laughing matter, and one that as society we should be ashamed of having a part in. Make it right.”