Guilty of disorderly behaviour


A Lurgan man has been fined £200 after pleading guilty to two counts of disorderly behaviour.

Stephen Crawford of Ardowen, Monbrief was accused of disorderly behaviour on two different dates, once in Pinebank on August 7 and the other in William St on September 22.

Police said they were called to a domestic disturbance at Ardowen were two factions were shouting abuse.

The 26 year old defendant came out with baseball bat but it was removed from him, the court heard.

The defence solicitor said his client had went to speak to his father about a family matter and admitted his client had been verbally abusive to his father.

In the second incident the defendant was walking across the middle of William St and had an ‘aggressive stance towards another male’, the court heard.

Crawford’s solicitor said his client had a few drinks that night when another individual approached him in an aggressive manner. The other individual had walked away and Crawford was warned about his bad language.

“These are two incidents that he would want to put behind him,” said the solicitor who added that Crawford is the carer of his brother.

District Judge Mervyn White said: “It seems you feel you are more sinned against that sinning.”

For the first offence he fined him £100 and he was found over to keep the peace with a £250 bond.

For the second offence he was fined £100. He was ordered to pay a £15 Offenders Levy on each charge.