Hard drugs posted for sale on Co Armagh Facebook page

Hard drugs for sale on Facebook page
Hard drugs for sale on Facebook page

Hard drugs have been posted for sale on a Co Armagh Facebook page - prompting a warning by the PSNI.

Someone calling themselves Njoh Escobar, who appears to come from Dublin, posted hard drugs for sale from 70 euro.

He is claiming to sell drugs from Valium to Ecstasy, ‘Weed’ to ‘Speed’.

However the PSNI has warned that potential customers are unlikely to get what they asked for.

On Facebook, PSNI Craigavon said: “Njoh Escobar here up to his old tricks.

“Just a reminder to all you budding drugs importers out there, that if on the off chance Njoh actually sent you something after you paid him, you’re more likely to get grass cuttings and a box of Jelly Beans than anything else. You have no clue what he’s put into anything he sends.

“That of course is if he sends anything. Bearing in mind that the following phone call won’t go well for you, he’s more than likely going to take your money and send you nothing:

““Hello, police? I’ve been scammed. How did it happen? Aw funny story, so I tried to import drugs into the country. I sent money and all and the wee rascal didn’t send me a thing back. I want him done...”

“No, that’s not going to work.

“What they often do (though Njoh hasn’t bothered here) is register a UK sim card or a UK number online to make them look local. That’s why they always say WhatsApp. No network needed, just internet. They could be the far side of the world.

“A few pointers for these posts.

-If you’re an admin of these pages, block and report the profile and post to Facebook.

-If you see the post, report the profile and post to Facebook.

-Never send them money.

-If you do, don’t expect sympathy or complain when you lose it or get arrested for conspiracy to import drugs offences.”