‘Hooded Men’ eagerly await Judicial Review judgement

Some of the Hooded Men
Some of the Hooded Men

A judgement on the judicial review (JR) in the case known as the ‘Hooded Men’ is expected to be delivered in the High Court on Friday.

The JR, into whether there should be a full and impartial public inquiry into what happened to the men in 1971 while interned, took place at Belfast High Court in February this year.

Jim McIlmurray

Jim McIlmurray

Case coordinator of the Hooded Men, Jim McIlmurray, explained: “In June of 2014 we requested the Chief Constable carry out an investigation into the events of 1971 in which 14 men were subjected to what the British government now refer to as “Deep interrogation” or the “Five techniques” and which I refer to as torture.

“In October 2014, the Chief Constable stated in a reply that the Historical Inquiry Team had looked into the case and there was no case to investigate.

“In answer to this, I immediately requested our legal team ask for the intervention of a judge to carry out a juridical review and study the evidence placed before him.

“We faced a number of delays over the past three years mainly because the barristers for the crown said the British Prime Minister was now directly involved.

“In February of this year, we were granted a four-day hearing in which the judge studied the evidence before him and the response from the government.

“Our application is for a full and impartial public inquiry. The decision was due to be given in May of this year, we have been told the delay was due to the complexity of the case,” said Mr McIlmurray.

None of the 14 men were ever charged with any offence and were released several years later after internment.

“We welcome delivery of the judgment on Friday,” said Mr McIlmurray.