Irish ministers request meeting

Hooded men
Hooded men

The Irish government is to meet with the group known as the Hooded Men, it has been revealed.

It is understood the government requested the meeting following a high profile legal campaign.

During internment in 1971, 14 men were selected for what was called “Deep interrogation techniques”.

In December 2014 the Irish government asked the European Court to revise its judgement in the case. Lurgan has become the base for the campaign after the first reunion and the discovery of secret UK documents under the freedom of information act.

The Irish foreign affairs minister said he took the decision to go back to the European Court of Human Rights following a review of thousands of documents.

Charlie Flanagan said the Irish “government is aware of the suffering of the individual men and their families, of the significance of the case and of the weight of the allegations.

“On the basis of the new material uncovered, it will be contended that the ill-treatment suffered by the hooded men should be recognised as torture. Both governments were asked to submit their case by May 12, 2016.

Lawyers for the men in conjunction with the Irish government fulfilled the request, the British have yet to do so and have received three extension dates the latest on December 10,

The meeting will take place in Dublin on Wednesday the 16th of November.